"There is a deep presence of stillness that emanates from Pooja. I really appreciate the depth of wisdom and Grace that permeates her words that I know have come from years of enquiry and lived experience. I highly recommend her as a therapist and teacher and feel blessed to know her."  

Marion Young (via email)


 "Hi Pooja, I’d love to have a tapping session with you If we can arrange it... I’m intrigued, you sounded so different when you were talking about it on the call ... with the authority of a Queen who has found their kingdom!"

New Client (via email)


"My testimonial...

I went for a first ever Reiki session not really knowing what to expect...

All I knew was that I felt broken, stressed and had a heavy heart. My soul was tired.
I was struggling to cope with being a single working mum trying to manage to keep everything in control & I was suffering from exhaustion & anxiety. I hadn't slept properly for weeks & I was on a real low. The moment I entered the room I felt at ease. Pooja listened to my issues & explained the process. As soon as Pooja started the healing & put her hands on my head I felt the weight lift, I felt safe & protected. I felt a huge shift & I let go of a lot of unwanted emotions that I held on buried deep down from the past. I felt refreshed, enlightened, healed, nurtured & loved. I slept like a baby that night & woke up like a new person the next day. The Reiki was so powerful & much needed and the healing continued for days. Thank you Pooja for all your advice & healing as you have made me feel alive again!! I wasn't able to meditate due to overthinking & active mind but Pooja gave me some simple techniques and advice... I am now managing to sit for 10 mins morning and night! That was from 1 session & I look forward to more very soon. Namaste."

Client (via facebook)


"Thanks Pooja

These are wonderful sessions and I love the chats too. It all helps in giving me more clarity around spirituality issues which is so valuable."

Client (via email)


"Hi Pooja,

I just wanted to give you some feedback following our Tapping session.

As you know, we worked on the very painful and swollen lump on the left side of my face caused by a salivary gland stone. It was so painful that I hadn’t been able to sleep at night. Just after our session, the pain eased off almost immediately and the swelling reduced noticeably and I can now sleep again!

So thank you very much for helping me. Tapping actually works!

Best wishes"

Client (via email)


"Dear Pooja

Thanks so much for the session yesterday. It was transformative to say the least... I'm hugely grateful."

Client (via email)


"Subject: Remarkable Healing

Hi Pooja

I just wanted to thank you for the session today.

It's like 'next level' healing for me. I don't think I've ever experienced anything so deep with EFT before. I feel fundamentally different and more at peace within. I am so grateful for your help. Thanks so much."

Client (via email)


"Hi Pooja

Thank you very much. That was a wonderful session."

Client (via email)


"Hello Pooja... how are you Hun? Omg I don't know what spell you did on me but nearly 4 wks on & I'm still feeling the benefits of the Reiki! I definitely released something unwanted that day & feel just that little bit more confident & stronger then before. I will be back for more when I get back....

God bless you on your journey & may you continue to heal people & make a difference in this world.

Truly grateful to you."

Client (via text message)


"I had a session with Pooja today, it was a genuine pleasure to be her client and really helpful to me.

I’m just being honest, feeling much better about the whole situation."

Client (via text message)


"Thank you Pooja @shreemwellbeing for my session this week. I feel brighter and more motivated after it. You are amazing and such a great listener too! Grateful for you."

Client (via instagram)


"After a session with Pooja, I feel calm, relaxed and well rested. I like that Pooja listens to me and plans the session to suit my needs. During the session I can really feel a deep healing taking place and at night I sleep so well. Pooja has created a really tranquil environment in her room. Each session feels like a mini spiritual spa break - I leave feeling very light, uplifted and ready for the week ahead.xx" 

Client (via facebook)


"My mum and I have been coming to Pooja for healing and meditation sessions on a regular basis for a while now. We just wanted to say what a difference it has made to our lives. She is so warm & positive and creates such a calm and peaceful atmosphere for the session that you instantly feel at ease as you enter the room. The sessions have really helped us both in our own personal ways. Thank you Pooja. xx" 

Mother & Daughter Clients (via facebook)


"I love my meditation and healing sessions with Pooja! Pooja is so welcoming and friendly. Her use of meditation, reiki, crystals, mantras & sound etc is knowledgable, intuitive and effective. I leave our sessions feeling so relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. I've also learnt from Pooja how to meditate at home. She explains it so simply that I've managed to keep up a regular home practice quite easily. I highly recommend Pooja. And look forward to having more sessions. x" 

Client (via facebook)


"Hi Pooja, I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how I've been since our EFT session. I'm pleased and relieved to say that I do feel calmer ... I still get anxious at times, but the calm side of me is also there. So I'd thought I'd let you know that you have helped me. Thank you very much for your wonderful help."

Client (via text message)   


"Thank you so much for your webinar. I couldn't hear it live, but this afternoon I sat in my living room with earphones, grandkids and all sorts of disturbances and just listened and followed your guiding voice. Seriously, I was transported. Nothing in my surroundings entered my consciousness. Your voice was so soothing and resonating. During the meditation, every time you came in with the chant, it was like a soft gong vibrating through my whole body. You really have a gift and am so grateful you shared it with the world. If you do any more presentations I would love to know about them.  

Love and blessings"

Webinar Attendee (via email)  


"Hi Dear Pooja,

Following our wonderful tapping session, where you helped me beyond words, and since I don't think you're on FB, I wanted to share what I wrote.

I'm attaching the poem that went with the post, and also the link in case you are on FB. If so, I would have linked you in and thanked you by name.

With all my heart thank you."

Client (via email)


“I had my appointment with my medical consultant and I am so happy with what she told me. She said that in her 30 year career, she had never seen anyone return their blood test results to within normal range, without medication for my condition. She congratulated me on my commitment to self care. I was excited to tell her about the EFT Tapping and meditations we had done. I was so surprised and happy to see how open she was to these holistic practices. I am so glad I have finally found the right consultant for me.”

Client (via email)