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What is Meditation?

Put simply, Meditation is a natural process of connecting with your inner self and experiencing a deep sense of peace, relaxation & wellbeing. It provides relief from stress as it stills the mind, balances the emotions and rests the body. The term Meditation encompasses a broad variety of practices that promote a calm & peaceful state of ‘conscious awareness’. 
In our modern hectic lives, we can have as many as 60,000 thoughts a day. Meditation works to quieten the mind, by bringing the awareness to the present moment. It is the art of simply 'being' (our natural state as 'human beings') rather than 'doing'. Meditation promotes a state of awareness where one effectively becomes an impartial observer of the thoughts without engaging in them. As the mind relaxes, the ever expanding silence & stillness between the diminishing thoughts instills a deep sense of calm, peace and wellbeing in the mind & body.

Meditation Sessions

There are many Meditation techniques and tools that can facilitate a relaxing & re-energising experience for private individuals & corporates in the workplace that will revive their energy, enthusiasm & sense of wellbeing. The basis of all our meditations stem from Vedic knowledge which originates from ancient Indian texts that are the source of Indian Philosophy, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic medicine.​

Our Meditation Sessions consist of a bespoke experience tailor-made to the needs of the individual or group as assessed by the Meditation Teacher and may consist of -

Yogic Breathing
Gentle Yogic Stretches and Body Relaxation Techniques
Meditations based on Vedic Knowledge 
​Sanskrit Mantras
Chakra Balancing Meditations
Personalised Guided Meditations
Knowledge Sharing​ 

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