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Are you looking to start a business, sustain your business or grow it to new heights

but are feeling stuck and unsure of how to do it?

Does the thought of being seen, being heard or being known as the face of your business

make you freeze on the spot or want to run for cover?

Do you feel lonely and unsupported in your business?

Do your clients sustain you energetically or financially?

Do you wish you were making more money?

Do you feel like giving up on your business?

Whatever the issue you may be experiencing in your business, I may be able to help you, with my holistic business mentoring. I offer this especially for women, as I know first hand, the challenges of being a female entrepreneur.

Why 'holistic'?

Because I believe, your business is simply an extension of your own energy. I take a holistic approach to understanding you and helping you process those emotional blocks and behavioural patterns (often rooted in limiting self beliefs) that keep you from what you want for yourself and your business. When we truly change on the inside, our outer world changes too.

If you are experiencing stuckness or blocks within your business, I can work with you to help you clear them. So that you feel the inner freedom to grow and move forward.

Are you wondering what my credentials are to help you in business?

Academically, I have a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in Accounting & Finance and I am an ACCA qualified accountant (with a current FCCA status). Although, I no longer formally work in accountancy, I bring this knowledge & experience to all my endeavours.

Prior to becoming a Holistic Therapist, here are some of the highlights

of my earlier business achievements: 

* Worked as a Corporate Tax Consultant for PwC (one of the top accountancy firms in the UK)

* Co-founded & owned an events & exhibitions start-up company. Launched & hands-on managed a 3-day consumer exhibition in Central London, that attracted: over 300 exhibitors, high profile sponsors & partners, prime time national TV and media coverage, and over 40,000 paying visitors, annually, for 4 years. All with no prior experience. The launch show was a finalist for the Best Consumer Launch Show at the prestigious industry AEO awards (Association of Event Organisers).

* Started another events company to provide event management services in sales, sponsorship, operations & marketing to other event organisers. Certified in industry recognised IOSH & NEBOSH Health & Safety qualifications and worked with leading brands.

When most of these opportunities came to me I did not necessarily have the relevant experience but I took the leap of faith, trusted the process, and rose to meet the challenge head on. It wasn't often easy or stress free. But the one constant throughout all the different phases of my life, that helped me surf the highs and lows, was my commitment to my own healing journey, and it still remains a priority to this day. Inner freedom is the key to outer growth and success.

Get in touch, if you would like a chat, on how we could work together, to help you unleash the full potential of your business.

If you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change. 

- Wayne Dyer

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