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Children, especially in their early years, are like sponges. They actively absorb so much information from their environments, without the filters we have as adults, to properly process and understand this information.

It can be a source of great stress and worry for them. This can lead to them developing new behaviours as coping mechanisms when it all starts to get too much.

I help children process their physical and emotional stress using my toolbox of holistic techniques.

As we work together, children start to feel more relaxed, peaceful, confident and resourceful.

If you feel that your child is unable to attend a session for any reason e.g. they are too young, too unwell or not able to be worked with directly, then please be reassured that it is still possible to help them. There are other options available that work just as effectively. For example using Distant/ Remote Reiki Healing or Surrogate EFT Tapping.

Surrogate EFT Tapping, also known as Proxy Tapping, is where both the EFT Therapist and the client work together in a session to help another person the client is concerned about. The client is the surrogate for the other person and taps on their behalf. Usually that other person is not physically present in the session.

It normally works very effectively with parents who want to help their children through the challenges that they are facing in school, or with their health or personal lives.

Get in touch, if you would like to have a chat about how we could work together to help your child.

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It was so lovely to receive this drawing from my 8 year old client.

"I love tapping so when I tap on my secret buttons it helps me alot I feel calm and happy thanks to Tapping :-)"

I Love Tapping drawing by 8 year old client at Shreem Wellbeing
Working With Children: About
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