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What To Expect...

​It is important to appreciate that your experience with any of the Holistic Therapies offered will be very personal to you and your own wellbeing journey. Your experience will not necessarily be comparable to another person's experience. Likewise, with any Holistic Therapy, no two sessions will give the same experience to the same person, as each experience will be unique to the needs & influences of the present moment. The Holistic Therapies offered are non-religious, energy based or spiritual practices i.e. relate to our connection with our inner self.​ All therapies are carried out with an awareness of trauma informed care.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?...

The feedback from my clients suggests they normally have a sense of feeling lighter, brighter and peaceful after one session. And sometimes that's all they need to get them back on track.

But it really does depend on the complexity of the presenting issue and it may just need more sessions to process all aspects of the issue more thoroughly.  It can often require deeper inner work to create meaningful shifts in emotional/ energetic root causes of what you are wanting to heal.

Generally, I would recommend starting with one session and then taking it from there.

We can always discuss what's best for you in the initial discovery call.

General After-Care Advice After A Session…

Most of the time a person will normally feel relaxed and uplifted after a session. However, on occasion, as a client energetically processes the session they may experience headaches, tiredness or other similar temporary symptoms after the session. If this happens, it is a good idea to drink more water, eat lighter meals and get more rest as the body works to restores its inner balance. Any discomfort should be temporary, and should soon be followed by a sense of feeling lighter and calmer. 

Please Note...

All sessions involve gentle yet powerful complementary therapies which aim to treat a person holistically. They may be used with confidence alongside conventional medical healthcare. However, they are not a replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should therefore always consult a qualified medical practitioner first should you have any concerns about your health. You are asked to take full responsibility for your health & wellbeing and to always seek professional medical guidance if you are in any doubt or are suffering from any physical or mental illness.

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